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The Blu Room

The Blu Room is a patented technology that provides a body/mind/spirit connection in a consciousness lifting environment.

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Peaceful but complete understanding of my past and current life. Grounded in nature and connected deeply to my baby. My baby moved all around. I could feel him so close, almost as if he was in my arms.


Aug 15, 2022


After my experience in the Blu Room I felt a release, clearing and overwhelming sense of unconditional love. This technology truly is a powerful catalyst to healing and living a high vibrational life.


Aug 1, 2022


The Blu Room opens up pathways to true self healing. I took my daughter in for an infection, she had a fever of 102. Less than an hour after our session, her fever was gone, she was completely engaged in play, and her general creativity and joy for life has been enhanced ever since. Mahalo nui to the Blu Room crew.


Jul 12, 2022

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